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Woodland Patchwork Minky Car Seat Poncho -

Woodland Patchwork Minky Car Seat Poncho -"Woodland Collection" Minky- Baby to Adult Sizing

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These hooded ponchos are amazing for babies up to children in the carseat. We want to keep our kids safe while buckled up. The backs of the ponchos lift over top the seat so they do not interfere with the harness straps.


The one in the second photo is a toddler size on a baby that is 14 months old.

The sizing chart in the photos should help you decide which size is best for your child. They are approx. sizing for age, so please measure your child.


side 1: teal Woodland patchwork "Woodland Collection" minky
side 2: breeze rose swirl (heavey weight) minky
minky trim: gray minky binding

If you prefer different fabrics than the first photo, please purchase the "PICK YOUR DESIGN" listing in the Poncho Section.

Each poncho has a slit on the front of the neckline with a snap enclosure. This helps accommodate bigger heads or narrow shoulders.

WASHING instructions: wash cold and tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Never iron minky!