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Designer Blankets - Deer Woodgrain - You Choose the Colors!

Designer Blankets - Deer Woodgrain - You Choose the Colors!

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★ Beautiful minky DESIGNER blanket. This blanket is available in several sizes, please read the size descriptions below and select from the drop down menu during check out.

★ Most DESIGNER minky items in my shop, ship out in 1-4 weeks. HOWEVER, these are so popular that I am trying to keep them in stock for a limited time. In mid-November they will be able to ship out in less than a week.  

If you want to change solid colors, please specify this at check out.


1) mint gray deer woodgrain patchwork/charcoal dimple back and navy binding
3) lilac aqua gray deer woodgrain patchwork/lavender back and binding
4) coral navy deer woodgrain patchwork/coral dimple back and binding
5) navy mint gray woodgrain patchwork/navy dimple back and binding
6) pink gray deer woodgrain patchwork/baby pink dimple back and binding
7) beige black deer woodgrain patchwork/latte dimple back and binding
8) navy gray moose deer patchwork/charcoal dimple back and binding

★ Size options:★ 
Big Baby: ~30"x40" --- Great size for a growing baby, or in the car seat or stroller. Perfect cuddle blanket for a toddler on the couch.
Crib: ~35x45" --- Perfect size for the crib. It will last for many years. My children used this size on the couch up until they were ~5-6 years old.  
Toddler Bed Long: 40"x60"--- Perfect toddler bed size. It provides about 7-10" overhang on all three sides of the bed.
Pre-Teen: 45"x60" --- Great cuddle on the couch blanket for a pre-teen or even a small adult.
Adult Couch: 60"x75"--- Great blanket for the average size adult on the couch or in a bed.
Adult Couch Long: 60"x85"--- Perfect adult size for the taller size adult. You can really stretch out and know your feet will stay warm.
Twin Bed: 60"x85" --- Great twin size blanket. It provides ~10" overhang on all three sides.
Double Bed: 75" x 85" --- This size provides 10" overhang on all three sides of the bed. The borders are 11" on the sides and 8" on the top and bottom.
* I may be able to do other sizes, but please message me prior to ordering and I can let you know. The panels are specific sizes, so some sizes work better than others.

★ Washing instructions: wash cold and tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Never iron minky!★

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