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Coral Aqua Woodland BLOCK Style Minky Blanket-

Coral Aqua Woodland BLOCK Style Minky Blanket- "Woodland Collection"

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★ Beautiful minky BLOCK STYLE blanket. If you purchase this listing, the blanekt will look very similar to the one in the first photo.

Size: Please read ★ SIZE OPTIONS ★  below and select the size you want in the drop down menu. Pricing is shown when you select your size.

Fabrics: This listing is for the blanket shown in the first photo. Please read the information below on the details of this blanket. If you want a different back fabric or trim fabric, you can still purchase this listing. Please write any changes in the "Additional Information" text box prior to adding this item to your cart. If you want to customize other aspects of the blanket, please see the custom links below. Different fabrics, styles and sizes of blankets have different pricing.


Size shown in first photo: big baby size ~30  inches by 40 inches (I can make it in other sizes, but please keep in mind if it is smaller or bigger, it will change the overall look of it)

front blocks: gray white woodland minky, pink fawn, gray fawn, scattered arrows, aruba herringbone, coral embossed, teal archer
back:  saltwater rose cuddle minky
minky binding: saltwater minky
*no two blankets are ever exactly the same, but I will use all the same fabrics, so it will look very similar.


Baby: ~30"x30" --- Perfect size for babies. This size often turns into their favourite blankee.
Big Baby: ~30"x40" --- Great size for a growing baby, or in the car seat or stroller. Perfect cuddle blanket for a toddler on the couch.
Crib: ~35x45" --- Perfect size for the crib. It will last for many years. My children used this size on the couch up until they were ~5-6 years old.
Toddler Bed: 40"x50" --- Great size for a toddler bed. It is 5" longer and wider than the crib size, so great for the growing child.
Toddler Bed Long: 40"x60"--- Perfect toddler bed size. It provides about 7-10" overhang on all three sides of the bed.
Pre-Teen Couch: 45"x60"--- Great for the pre-teen to cuddle on the couch. I love this size to cuddle up on the couch too, and it folds to a nice manageable size!
Teen Couch: 50"x60"--- Great for the teenager to snuggle up on the couch after a long day ;)
Adult Couch: 60"x75" --- Perfect adult size couch blanket. You may never want to get off the couch again! hehe!
Adult Couch Long: 60"x85"--- Perfect adult size for the taller size adult. You can really stretch out and know your feet will stay warm.
Twin Bed: 60"x85" --- Great twin size blanket. It provides ~10" overhang on all three sides.


(please see these listings if you wish to order a blanket not shown in my "Blanket" section.)

Baby Size to Twin Size: Block Style/Strip Style/Borders Style:

Baby Size to Twin Size: Panel Style:

Twin Size to King Size: Block Style/Strip Style/Borders Style:

★ Washing instructions: wash cold and tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Never iron minky!★