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Designer Blankets - Deer Woodgrain - You Choose the Colors!

Designer Blankets - Deer Woodgrain - You Choose the Colors!

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★ Beautiful minky DESIGNER blanket. This blanket is available in several sizes, please read the size descriptions below and select from the drop down menu during check out.

★ Most DESIGNER minky items in my shop, ship out in 1-4 weeks. HOWEVER, these are so popular that I am trying to keep them in stock for a limited time. In mid-November they will be able to ship out in less than a week.  

If you want to change solid colors, please specify this at check out. These ones do not have trim, but if you would like trim, please specify that at check out.

1) mint gray deer woodgrain patchwork/gray dimple minky back 
2) red gray black adventure patchwork/gray dimple minky back
3) lilac aqua gray deer woodgrain patchwork/lavender dimple minky back
4) coral navy deer woodgrain patchwork/coral dimple minky back
5) navy mint gray woodgrain patchwork/navy dimple minky back
6) pink gray deer woodgrain patchwork/baby pink dimple back
7)brown green adventure patchwork/brown dimple back
8) navy gray moose deer patchwork/charcoal dimple back

9) BOHO love patchwork/graphite embossed back
10) Gray tan rustic buck patchwork/graphite embossed arrow back
11) yellow gray deer woodgrain patchwork/gray dimple back 

★ Size options:★ 
Big Baby: ~30"x40" --- Great size for a growing baby, or in the car seat or stroller. Perfect cuddle blanket for a toddler on the couch.
Crib: ~35x45" --- Perfect size for the crib. It will last for many years. My children used this size on the couch up until they were ~5-6 years old.  
Toddler Bed Long: 40"x60"--- Perfect toddler bed size. It provides about 7-10" overhang on all three sides of the bed.
Pre-Teen: 45"x60" --- Great cuddle on the couch blanket for a pre-teen or even a small adult.
Adult Couch: 60"x75"--- Great blanket for the average size adult on the couch or in a bed.
Adult Couch Long: 60"x85"--- Perfect adult size for the taller size adult. You can really stretch out and know your feet will stay warm.
Twin Bed: 60"x85" --- Great twin size blanket. It provides ~10" overhang on all three sides.
Double Bed: 75" x 85" --- This size provides 10" overhang on all three sides of the bed. The borders are 11" on the sides and 8" on the top and bottom.
* I may be able to do other sizes, but please message me prior to ordering and I can let you know. The panels are specific sizes, so some sizes work better than others.

★ Washing instructions: wash cold and tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry. Never iron minky!★

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