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Custom Weighted Blanket for Michelle

Custom Weighted Blanket for Michelle

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Weighted blankets have numerous benefits to both children and adults. Here are just a handful of benefits:

- Weighted therapy helps increase the levels of Serotonin and Melatonin in the body.
- They can assist with Insomnia, falling asleep at night and staying asleep at night.

- A weighted blanket is a highly effective calming tool to help people relax and sleep.
- They can be beneficial to children with ADD or ADHD spectrum disorder, as they can help kids calm down during school to focus on their work, or after school if they are wound up or to help them relax at night to fall asleep easier.


8) navy gray moose deer patchwork/navy luxe cuddle back and gray binding



Pillowcase: free navy gray fletching arrow minky :)

Weight: 10 pounds

Weight: A commonly suggested weight formula for the weight of the blanket is 10% of user's body weight, plus one pound. It would be beneficial to get more info from a doctor or OT. For example: a 40 pound child, would use a 5 pound blanket.Or a 150 pounds adult, would use a 16 pound blanket.

Important things to consider: These are important questions to ask yourself when ordering.

1) Has an OT or doctor given you a recommended size or weight of blanket?

2) How many inches tall is your child?

3) How many pounds does your child currently weigh?

4) Is your child strong/average/below average in strength?

5) Compared to BMI charts and percentiles, is your child above/average/below for height and weight?

Pellets and blanket construction:

Safe, non- toxic and hypo-allergenic poly pellets for weight.

The blanket is divided into equal size pockets that will contain equal amounts of pellets so that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed. Each pocket has double stitching around them for extra durability. Binding is sewn on the edge for extra durability and stability to the blanket.

Washing and care: I recommend washing on a gentle cycle with cool water and hanging to dry. You do not want the pellets to get too hot, as they may melt. You can dry on very low heat in the dryer.

Fabric options: I ONLY use minky in my shop, which is going to make the most cuddly, luxurious and long lasting blanket.

WARNING: Weighted blankets should NOT be used on infants or children/adults that do not have the strength or ability to remove the blanket from off their body. Please do not buy one and use it between different age/size/weight of children. Please avoid having your blanket near pets that may chew or claw it, as this could tear open the pockets and expose the pellets.