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Woodland Collection - IN STOCK

Woodland Collection - IN STOCK

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In stock: teal patchwork, herringbone bear, gray white woodland, black white wild, black white cross, black white antler, aqua teal feathers, aqua white feathers, aqua white bears, black teal feathers, black white trees, coral gray aqua mountains, coral woodland patchwork, gray white trees, gray white woodgrain, navy gray moose, teal gray black bear, teal gray black mountain,

This minky is very soft, and has a low pile. It is thinner than my other Shannon Fabric minky because the printing process is different. Most of these designs are exclusive to my shop and are digitally printed on this fabric.  It is perfect for; bedding, quilting, sewing, baby blankets, pillowcases, stuffies, etc. Prices are more than my regular minky but less than designer minky, because I buy these in large quantities and keep it in stock for a period of time. Some of these prints are exclusive to my shop and others, I just have a license to print for a certain period of time. 

Content: 100% Polyester

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash; Tumble Dry Cold, Avoid using fabric softener, Do not iron minky.